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A first visit consultation takes place between 8 and 11 weeks pregnant and will usually last 30 to 45 minutes. During this appointment, a detailed personal and family history will be taken; a physical examination and pelvic ultrasound will be performed. Dating of the pregnancy will be confirmed and discussions will be made regarding Prenatal Diagnosis options such as Non Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis, Nuchal Translucency ultrasound assessments and Morphology ultrasounds. 

Your next antenatal appointments usually last 15 minutes and are every four weeks until 28 weeks, every two weeks between 28 and 36 weeks and weekly until the baby is born. At each visit, your health and the well being of your baby are checked. These appointments are also a time to discuss any of your concerns regarding pregnancy, labour, feeding and parenting roles; to name a few. There is plenty of time for questions which are often best remembered if written down. Partners, family and support people are always welcome (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) at some or all of these appointments.   Extra appointments may be required if problems or concerns arise. 

When labour begins, you should contact the Pregnancy Assessment Centre at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital on 3163 7000. Fiona or one of her 'on call' Obstetricianswill be informed of your arrival and oversee your labour. Caring for women during their pregnancy and birth is unpredictable, requiring 24 hour, 7 day a week availability. As this responsibility is too great for one person, Fiona works with five other like-minded, female Obstetricians, one of whom is available every 24 hours. So although Fiona may not be present at the birth, you will always have assistance. 

Whilst in hospital, Fiona will see you every day of your stay at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital. The number of days you spend in hospital will differ for each family. Learning about your new baby and their needs is not rushed. You will go home when you and your baby ready.

When at home, you are welcome to phone Fiona at the office or after hours  to answer questions or concerns. Fiona prefers to give advice in person, but email enquiries can be made for non urgent matters. A postnatal appointment is made to check your recovery, six weeks after the birth. Sometimes extra visits to the rooms are necessary. Both your physical and mental well being are reviewed. A separate appointment with a paediatrician is needed for the baby’s check up.

Obstetric services

  • Midwife support

    Dr Dalzell and the Mater Mothers Private Hospital also provide a collaborative private obstetrician and midwife model of antenatal care. For information refer to the My Mater Midwife program website.

  • Antenatal care

    As an Obstetrician, Fiona Dalzell has undertaken a medical degree and then specialised in pregnancy management and performs all forms of deliveries of babies. She will see you at each appointment during your pregnancy. At each appointment, blood pressure is assessed and a 'bedside' ultrasound is performed to check on baby's health. By having regular appointments, there is ample opportunity to discuss pregnancy and family matters with the emphasis on birth and after care towards the end of your pregnancy. 

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling

    It is often valuable to speak to a specialist doctor before embarking on a pregnancy to help your chances of conceiving and optimise your health during your pregnancy. Questions regarding management of chronic medical conditions, medications and previous difficult pregnancies are examples of problems addressed at this type of consultation. Ask your General Practitioner for a referral to Dr Fiona Dalzell who will assess your pre-pregnancy health and provide advice also about nutrition and exercise.

  • Bedside obstetric ultrasound

    Before you can feel your baby move, it is possible with ultrasound to see your baby's early development. Later in the pregnancy, your baby's position is assessed. Placental location can also be checked with ultrasound. Nearing the end of the pregnancy, ultrasound can be used to estimate the baby's weight and well being. 

  • Labour and birth management

    When you are in labour, Dr Fiona Dalzell or one of her 'on call' obstetricians will be called once you arrive at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital. As well as your support person/ partner, you will be provided with a hospital based, midwife for 'one-to-one care' during your labour. An Obstetrician and Midwife are always present to assist at your birth. 


  • Operative Vaginal Birth

    Sometimes there are difficulties with birthing. A Vacuum Assisted Delivery may be performed if there are complications with slow delivery of the baby or distress of the baby during the labour. Alternatively, a Forceps delivery might be considered a better way to help delivery your baby. Although not planned, this is the advantage of having an Obstetrician in attendance at your birth, so that timely decisions can be made and discussed with you. A Paediatrician is called to be in attendance at such births. 

  • Caesarean section

    Caesarean Section birth may be an emergency or a planned delivery. The surgery is performed by Dr Fiona Dalzell  with an Anaesthetist and Paeditrician present.. 

  • Multiple birth management
  • High risk obstetrics
  • Medical conditions in pregnancy
  • Labour after caesarean section
  • Breech delivery
  • Postnatal care