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Dr Dalzell retired in February 2024 from private medicine and has closed her consulting practice

Fiona had been delivering babies for more than 25 years

Fiona specialised in high-risk obstetrics and women with medical conditions in pregnancy. She is a member of the Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand. She is also a founding member of the River City Obstetric Group, a Brisbane-based group of female specialist Obstetricians that use an on-call roster to deliver high-quality 24-hour obstetric care at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital, South Brisbane. Fiona also provides gynaecological consultations and performs minor gynaecological procedures.


Pregnancy is a natural event. Most women do not have any problems during their pregnancy, but it is a time of altered physical and emotional state whether it is your first or fifth baby. Once you have made a booking with Dr Fiona Dalzell, she will oversee your pregnancy. That means that you have availability to contact a specialist Obstetrician at any time of day throughout your pregnancy. The aims are simple; to provide professional help to ensure a healthy baby and mother throughout pregnancy, during the birth and immediate aftercare. Understanding each family’s needs, requires continuity of care and quality consultation time. That is why Dr Fiona Dalzell will see you at each visit.