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Booking the hospital

Dr Fiona Dalzell only delivers at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital. This the largest maternity service in Queensland with a goal 'to make the arrival of your new baby as happy and stress-free as possible.' In addition, the Mater Hospital complex provides extensive support services including Neonatal Critical Care and Special Care Units, Anaesthetic services,  24 hour Obstetric operating theatres with Intensive Care Unit, pathology, radiology and Allied Health services. 

Your first appointment with Dr Fiona Dalzell will usually occur between 8- 11 weeks pregnant. At this appointment, an ultrasound will be performed, thereby confirming your 'Estimated Due Date'. It is now time to book into the hospital either online, or by phoning the Mater Mothers booking officer (3163 8847) to register your details and obtain information about antenatal classes, hospital tours and fees.

Is your baby covered by the health fund?

Your baby’s accommodation in hospital is included in your own fee if the baby is with you in your room or in the ward nursery. However, if your baby becomes a 'patient' and is admitted to the Special Care or Neonatal Critical Care Unit, additional fees may apply. Check with your health fund to confirm that your baby will be covered.

What happens after the birth?

Most new mothers stay in hospital for between 4 and 7 days. There are no restrictions on length of stay if you have postnatal complications. Please check with the hospital and/or health fund about the length of postpartum stay for which you are covered. When you should be discharged from hospital is a medical decision made by your Obstetrician. 

When you go home from hospital, please contact the rooms to make an appointment for a 6-week postnatal check up for yourself. Your baby will also have a 6 week follow up appointment with the Paediatrician.